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Have Coco call a friend or family member and wish them a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and many more! Just select a script below and personalize it with their name and other options.

Special Occasion


Special Occasion

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Hey , it's America's number one swimsuit model and reality star Coco. I'm here with , and they wanted me get on the phone real quick and say a couple of things to you. First, they wanted me to tell you . Now it's not like they couldn't tell you themselves, but they did tell me that you are such a huge fan. And that is so awesome, because I think I can just get on the phone for one second and give you a little sexy shout. So, where are you now? I hope you are not ! Look, the world is way too beautiful just to spend it all cooped up at work. If you don't watch out, time has a funny way of creeping up on you. So do something, and do something you love today! I heard you love to , so why don't you just drop everything you're doing and do just that? And while I got you on the phone, call your family in . Your family will always be there so don't take them for granted. Look, I got to run and get back to what I was doing. So take care and I'll see you later. Bye, smooches!